Chartwell AwardFlorida Power & Light Company honored for game-changing smart grid technology

Chartwell recognizes FPL for groundbreaking outage prediction technology, proactive ticket notification, designed to help improve service reliability for customers.

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FPL is committed to building a stronger and smarter grid to provide electricity you can count on in good weather and bad. That’s why we’re always working to improve the electrical system and investing in technology that helps improve service for customers.

Resolving your power issue before the lights go out

We’re committed to providing energy you can count on in good weather and bad. Thanks to our smart technology, we’re able to detect and, in many cases, prevent outages before they happen.

Smart grid technology

We’re integrating advanced technology and installing thousands of intelligent devices that help us monitor and manage the health of the electric system, detect and prevent issues before they happen, and get life back to normal faster when outages do occur.

Smart and emerging technology

We’re also exploring emerging technology, including small unmanned aircraft systems, robots and augmented reality to help locate potential power issues so we can find and fix them before they become problems for our customers.

What’s a Smart Grid?

What’s a Smart Grid?

Smart and Emerging Technology

Smart and Emerging Technology

Smart Grid Benefits - What's in it for you?

  • Unprecedented control over your energy usage
  • Improved electric service reliability for homes and businesses
    • Reduction in the number and length of outages
    • Enhanced detection and prevention of outages
    • Faster response and repairs
  • More accurate time estimates for restoration
  • Reduced operating costs and increased efficiencies - helping keep bills low

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